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18th Feb 2019, 5:20 PM in Quest: Diversion

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by SpiraPhantom
19th Feb 2019, 4:10 PM
I'm happy and proud to announce that it's been a year since I've been releasing "Arth and Tech" comic. Well, including the original strip series. The first strips were releasing exactly one year ago. Though my comic isn't exactly popular, it doesn't have many subscribers or regular readers, there are still some of these. And that means that I may have been doing something right for a whole year.
Thus, I celebrate the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of "Arth and Tech" series! My little success, so to speak.
Remastered Levels
by SpiraPhantom
10th Jan 2019, 5:51 PM
Holidays are over and it's once again time for me to bring you the joy of reading my comics!
Now, those of you familiar with the original "Arth and Tech" comic strips series might have noticed that the later strips fell into a story structure similar to that of "Adventures". That's because they follow the same storyline. Thus, to avoid confusion, I will remaster those "levels", updating some details and dialogue in progress. There are four arcs for you to read, so HO and BEHOLD!
Also, given that I only have to edit and compile the pages rather than drawing them from scratch, I will be releasing two pages per releasing day (Monday/Thursday). 
Happy New Year!
by SpiraPhantom
29th Dec 2018, 10:17 PM

Gentlemen, ladies, gentleladies. The Phantom congradulates you all with New Year. You know, Christmas isn't THAT big of a deal in my country, but New Year, on the other hand... ho-ho-ho! Now THAT's the biggest celebration of the year! Singing, drinking, exchanging presents! I finally get to meet my co-author who comes to visit basically from the other side of country. Spend your time with your friends and family - I know I'll spend it with mine!

Happiness, luck and wealth to every single one of my readers, that's what I wish to you! Oh, and health, of course. Health is most important.

Happy New Year, happy pals!