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Bandit Port - 2
18th Jul 2019, 6:10 PM in Sidequest: Bandit Port
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Sorry, my dear readers, but it's my birthday today, and I decided to take a break from my schedule. No page for today.
by SpiraPhantom
Sup, ladies and gentlemen! Perhaps, you've found that confusing (I know I have) that it's hard to find your way with the comic the moment you stop using the archive - the "first" button doesn't even direct you to the first page that you SHOULD have read, not to mention that it's hard to remember which quest each "Quest Begins" belongs to, etc.
Fear no more! I've decided to revise names of the pages and the dates of the remastered pages that MUST be the first to read. I hope to finish it as soon as possible, though I'll also add a "New Characters!" info for every page where such a new character appears - that may take a few days. It shouldn't hinder your reading, but get ready for some changes.
by SpiraPhantom
Hello there, guys and gals, my dearest readers!
I've been gathering a little team for a secret project of mine that you'll hear about later this year. We've been calling ourselves SpiraUnit and, first of all, we're trying to get "Adventures of Arth and Tech" more or less known. So many people are still missing out on a great (or, at the very least, entertaining) story, after all! So, I hope you all will support SpiraUnit on Twitter and spread the knowledge of this comic series!
Also, in the twitter you can find news on latest comic updates and some extra content, be it informative or humorous, and believe me when I say there's going to be a lot of both.
By the way, darlings, get a look at our promotional banner. Precious, isn't it?

You can follow SpiraUnit here.
Now, get on Twitter, tweet our messages, follow to get latest comic-related news and much more!
by SpiraPhantom
After a prolonged wait I give you the second set of exclusive games of Spiral Gameshop that appeared in "Kindred Spirit" - the ones that come to the platform manufactured by CyberTech Industries themselves, CyberTech Playground.
Platform: CyberTech Playground.
Developer: Cat's Eye.
"The ever-classic plot of your favorite explorer of a spellknight saving a princess from the Dragon Kaiser's paws - now in glorious high definition of CyberTech Playground! Equip the best armor, grab the most powerful Magic Stones and go forth to save Princess Talitha, the Red Traveller!
- Old story in glorious new light!
- New dungeons and powerful bosses!"
Platform: CyberTech Playground.
Developer: Cat's Eye.
"The world is in jeopardy, the capital under President Malum Snow was attacked, and now people like Tatekai, the famous wrestler, have to fight for their freedom against the oppressive General Daemon.
- Extensive plot-driven narrative!
- Unite a team of 12 heroes!
- Brand-new RPG Battle System!"

Platform: CyberTech Playground.
Developer: Enigmatic.
"In a world divided into two, a world of puppeteers and a world of puppets, it's hard to say who plays who.
- Unravel a crime at elite school of puppets' world!
- Discover the conspiracy in the world of puppeteers!
- Join Cerulean and Sard on their quest for truth!"

Platform: CyberTech Playground.
Developer: Enigmatic.
"Conciousness is a complicated thing. Especially when it's disturbed with something foreign. Follow Genos and relief the mind of his own from malevolent entities!
- Thrilling detective plot!
- New puzzles and mechanics!
- Colorful and memorable characters!"
Platform: CyberTech Playground.
Developer: Enigmatic.
"Family is above all for Nico. So when Nico's brother is kidnapped, the kid goes against the demonic forces of space and time to get the dearest brother back.
- Five bosses challenging your reality!
- Revolutionary platform gameplay!"
by SpiraPhantom
I give you another set of Spiral Gameshop games from "Sidequest: Kindred Spirit". Now you can see games exclusive to Gametrick Station 5. Not the most popular console there is, but overall that console family may give CyberTech consoles a run for their money at times.

Platform: Gametrick Station 5.
Developer: Cat Eye.
"The war is waging between the two empires! Follow the Imperial Ranger and his loyal squad to uncover the conspiracy behind the bloodshed!
- Take control of a squad that you lead to victory!
- Exciting boss battles against the enemy generals!
- Explore the brand-new world in war!"

Platform: Gametrick Station 5.
Developer: Enigmatic.
"Sonata Nachtlich is a novice anwalt-detective, a law enforcer who can both investigate a case and serve as either defense attorney or a prosecution attorney. Not only that, but they are the ones who oversee the interdimensional law enforcement. "The ultimate judges", they say. Confused yet? So is our heroine. Follow Sonata on her quest for justice!
- Find clues and present it to the court!
- 5 criminal cases to solve!"
by SpiraPhantom